Residential Painting

With over 30 years of experience, call Steve for a free estimate.

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Cobb Brothers Company specializes in interior and exterior painting of residential homes,
and is known for extensive preparation methods, job follow through and beautiful finishing
techniques. Their 30 years experience have enabled them to not only deliver an exceptional,
long lasting product that consistently meets their customer’s needs and preferences but also
earned them the outstanding reputation as a leader in the Metro West painting industry.

Interior Painting:
The company’s residential interior painting contractors take care to protect your flooring,
furnishings, and other precious items from the work area renovations. We make the extra
effort to safeguard your belongings during the process of painting. We also work around your
schedule in order to minimize the interruption to your daily life.

Cobb Brother’s Company will disassemble the room for you, do the entire painting job, clean
the area, and assemble the room back for you, just as it was in the beginning but with a
beautiful new paint job completed to your satisfaction.

Ask about our color consultation process. We provide color consultation and painting estimate
services absolutely free. We have access to the best paints and techniques that will help to
execute your vision in color and tone for each of your rooms.

Exterior Painting:
Cobb Brothers Company has been continuously providing the best exterior painting services
for over two decades. We focus on preparing the home for paint with longevity in mind.
We can offer amazing solutions when it comes to long lasting exterior paint and stain.
We use the highest quality, safest products on the market, that are made to with stand the
harsh New England winters. Our Painters will identify areas of your house that may need
extra attention before painting (rotten clapboards, cracked or chipped siding) and fix them
before beginning the preparation process.

Our goal is to deliver an exceptional, long lasting product that consistently meets our
customer’s needs and preferences. We are not happy until you are!!